Kirk P. Perucca, President

Project Equality

P.O. Box 7085, Kansas City, MO 64113-0085


Project Equality

Project Equality’s Diversity and Inclusion Summit brings together leaders in the civic, educational, financial, governmental, health, corporate and legal communities to discuss where we are on the road to full inclusion, but even more importantly, what strategies will make equality and access a reality for all.

Project Equality unites individuals and organizations committed to equality, access, fairness, and opportunity through action, advocacy, economic power, and education by:

  • Serving as a resource to all diversity minded organizations to increase their diversity proficiency
  • Measuring organizational effectiveness relative to diversity inclusion within their specific workplace, workforce, marketplace and community
  • Bringing together all diverse organizations to have one voice regarding diversity proficiency and effectiveness
  • Promoting diversity inclusion business cases as well as diversity inclusion and personal financial literacy 
Kirk Perucca, President and CEO of Project Equality
Kirk Perucca has spent his life educating businesses and nonprofit agencies about diversity and inclusion. As a Presbyterian minister, Perucca serves an urban neighborhood church, with a multicultural congregation. Located in a neighborhood challenged by racial and economic disparity, diversity and equality are real issues. He has staffed committees including Justice for Women, Racial Ethnic Concerns and others within the Presbytery.

Kirk Perucca spent 8 years as the President/CEO of Project Equality, a nonprofit organization that promoted diversity. Perucca was a national compliance officer for the Department of Justice in the Adam's Mark Hotel settlement from Nov. 6, 2000, to the projects end in 2004. Through past work experience, Perucca has provided training for nonprofit organizations, fire and police departments, and major corporations across the nation.

He holds undergraduate degrees from the University of Iowa in religion and political science, a master's degree in public administration. He also holds a Master of Divinity from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary.

With a lifelong commitment to diversity and inclusion, he has the experience, skills and ability to help organizations seek real solutions based on the value diversity can add to an organization.

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